Wrens' First Two Albums To Be Reissued

October 10, 2006  |  12:00am

Wind-Up Records announced last week that they will reissue the Wrens’ first two records, 1994’s Silver and 1996’s Secaucus , on Nov. 14. Silver and Secaucus were originally released on Grass Records, which later became Wind-Up. Head of Wind-Up Alan Meltzer wished to polish the Wrens’ sound into more radio-friendly fare, but the band refused and moved to Absolutely Kosher in 1997.

The Wrens grappled with Wind-Up for years for the rights to Silver and Secaucus , but they finally heard from their publisher Rough Trade that Wind-Up has decided to re-release the albums, this time with a stronger marketing push and in-store placement. Wrens members have said that despite the struggle for the rights to the albums, they are still happy about the reissue of their first two albums.

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