Jennifer's Body re-combines Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody

November 13, 2007  |  12:22pm

[Above: Juno]

Although Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody's first collaboration, Juno, has yet to been released, it's already safe to consider the film a success, if only critically. Apparently the pair agrees as well, since one of Cody's many upcoming projects will bring her and Reitman back together on Jennifer's Body, a comedy/horror movie. "We're here because Diablo's voice and our voice align," said Reitman's producing partner Dan Dubecki to The Hollywood Reporter.

Jennifer's Body is about a possessed cheerleader who starts feeding on boys in her rural Minnesota town. Her best friend sets out to kill her and stop the Satan-worshipping rock band that converted her to the ways of darkness. Which is to say that those fellas in Tenacious D had better watch their backs.

"Comedy and horror have always been inescapable cousins," Reitman said. "They both draw a similar type of storyteller, one who wants to manipulate the audience. Whether you want to make an audience laugh or you want to make an audience freak out, you're looking for a similar firsthand relationship with the viewer."

Plans are to begin shooting sometime late winter. Until then, you can check out an early winter screening of Juno, which opens December 5.

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