The Shins talk new label, side project

Sub PopWincing The Night Away

Shins’ manager Ian Montone told Billboard the band is working on a new deal for its future recordings and emphasizes that said deal will be more in terms of distribution than a typical record deal. He also says it’s not out of the question that this deal could still be with Sub Pop. And Sub Pop GM Megan Jasper seems hopeful this will be the case.

"The Shins have been a huge part of Sub Pop's story,” Jasper says. “We'd love to continue working with them.”

The Portland-based guys are also seeking a new deal so that they can own the masters of their next album, and prevent the indie-rock equivalent of Michael Jackson from swooping those things up (Kevin Barnes, perhaps?).

Unfortunately, we won’t be hearing the result of this new deal until well into 2009, which is around when Mercer says they’ll be hitting the studio. But we may get to hear Mercer’s dreamily straining voice before then.

Mercer told Blender he’s working on material for a new band because “it would be good for me to create another thing.” As for who or what that band is, your guess is as good as ours, or Mercer for that matter. “It will be with other people, I just don’t know who yet,” he says.

Our money’s on Mercer getting back to his Albuquerque roots and forming a revolutionary New Mexico supergroup with, um, isn’t that dude from Beirut from around there? Maybe get Bill Richardson on vibraphone? Damnit, nevermind.

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