David Bowie looks back on his favorite David Bowie

Legendary shapeshifter David Bowie recently gave the U.K.'s Daily Mail a piece of his mind. No, really. He wrote a series of entries reflecting on 12 songs from his lengthy repertoire, detailing dusted-off anecdotes and inspirations with stream-of-consciousness, candid discourse.

When explaining "Lady Grinning Soul," he painted this picture: "Mike Garson's piano opens with the most ridiculous and spot-on re-creation of a 19th-century music hall 'exotic' number. I can see now the 'poses plastiques' as if through a smoke-filled bar. Fans, castanets and lots of Spanish black lace and little else. Sexy, mmm?  And for you, Madam?"

Better yet, when discussing "Loving the Alien," he quipped, "I'm trying to come up with a little-used word for each song entry. I've not got one for this song. And this song is not, it may surprise you to know, another ode to little green Martians. Oh, recidivism, that'll fit."

The 12 songs include: "Life on Mars," "Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing," "The Bewlay Brothers," "Lady Grinning Soul," "Win," "Some Are," "Teenage Wildlife," "Repetition," "Fantastic Voyage," "Loving The Alien," "Time Will Crawl," "Hang On To Yourself (live)." For Bowie's full entries, click here.

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