Chinese Democracy possibly seeking big box-only release


Yes, we're talking about Chinese Democracy. And yes, as is typically the case with anything Chinese Democracy-related, nothing has been confirmed or set in stone.

A Billboard/Reuters report says sources have claimed negotiations are under way for Chinese Democracy to come out as an exclusive at one of the big-box retailers, either Wal-Mart or Best Buy.

The larger issue here might be the fact that this deal, which has not been confirmed or commented on by the band or Wal-Mart/Best Buy, presumably means Chinese Democracy is actually near completion. In June, nine Democracy tracks leaked that had supposedly been mastered from the oft-delayed album. And now reports of a supposed exclusive album release as well as reports of negotiations for conventional record distribution surfacing seem to give off signs of hope this record hasn't seen in years.

The Reuters report said it was unclear whether the band's management (Irving Azoff's Front Line Management) or their label (Interscope) initiated the exclusive negotiations.

It also remains unclear whether Wal-Mart would try any cross-promotions such as Sweet Child O' Mine baby wipes, Welcome To The Jungle gym sets or November Raincoats.

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