Fear and Loathing in Hi-Fi: HST's Gonzo Tapes coming soon

August 25, 2008  |  11:21am

The Gonzo Tapes: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, a five-disc collection of Thompson’s frenzied ramblings, speed freakouts, and drug-addled insights into The American Psyche will see the light of day for the first time on Oct. 28. The tapes document what Thompsonites consider the high point of the Dr. of Journalism's career ('65-'75), featuring notes and interviews that led to Hell’s Angels and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, as well as numerous unfinished or aborted articles on disparate topics like Sigmund Freud's cocaine habit and the end of the Vietnam war. So expect a lot of unfiltered ramblings about acid freaks, the Death of the American Dream, marrywanna, and—of course—The Fear.

The tapes were originally uncovered when filmmaker Alex Gibney was given permission by the Thompson estate to rummage through boxes and boxes of Thompson's old tapes that were previously collecting dust in the basement of Owl Farm, Thompson's "fortified compound" in Woody Creek, Colo. The uncovered tapes include interviews with colorful figures like The Hell's Angels' Terry the Tramp and an argument Thompson had with Ralph Steadman, the artist that provided the psychedelic sketches that accompany all things Thompson (including this box set).

In other Thompson news, the new HST documentary Gonzo: The Life and Work of Hunter S. Thompson is continuing its gradual rollout across the US of A. (Editor's note: It's really good.) You can find a full listing of upcoming showings here. And if the insanity of this current never-ending slog to the White House is getting you down and you yearn for Thompson's manic (and usually dead-on) political predictions and analysis, Anita Thompson, Hunter's former wife and long-time editor has taken up the Gonzo mantle and is blogging for The Huffington Post. Whether she can live up to Thompson's penchant for prophetic predictions remains to be seen.

Gonzo Tracklist:

Disc 1 - Hell's Angels:

Bass Lake Run . . . Terry The Tramp Interview #1 . . . Driving Back Through Oakland . . . The Merry Pranksters Welcome The Hell's Angels . . . It's A Long Dirty Story . . . Ha-Ha, Not Thump-Thump . . . Terry The Tramp Interview #2 . . . Zing Zong Wing Ding Rush . . . A Question For The Ages

Disc 2 - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

We Have Seized The High Ground . . . One Toke Over The Line . . . If All Else Fails We Must Get Ether . . . In Search Of The American Dream . . . Terry's Taco Stand, USA . . . Anybody In Search Of The American Dream Needs A Lawyer, A Doctor And A Bodyguard

Disc 3 - More Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Goddamn! This Monster's Licking My Arm! . . . Oscar Fled In Terror . . . Drug Up . . . Weird Road . . . Across This Treacherous Sand . . . A Huge Tidal Wave Will Come In On Me Now . . . Vegas D.A. Final Notes . . . The Whole Room Is Total Chaos . . . Wenner Calls . . . With A Big "W" in 65-Pt Type

Disc 4 - Gonzo Gridlock 1973-1974

Guts Ball . . . Cozumel . . . Fear And Loathing In Acapulco . . . Freud Cocaine Papers . . . Fear And Loathing In Kinshasa

Disc 5 - Fear and Loathing in Saigon

I'm The One That's Supposed To Be Crazy . . . Hotel Continental Palace . . . The Thursday Night Panic . . . Last Stand At Xuan Loc . . . Hong Kong . . . The Last Dispatch From Saigon

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