Teenager leaves high school for Guitar Hero career

The band's gonna make it, Mom! I'm not going to be living in this basement forever!Guitar Herogateway drugactuallife imitating artdecidedGuitar Hero

If we needed any more proof that we are firmly in the grip of a postindustrial society, professional gamer is quickly becoming a legitimate career option. There's nothing new about dropping out of high school to pursue an ill-advised career in rock 'n' roll, but Blake Peebles may be blazing a trail once journeyed only by the saltiest of CounterStrike obsessives. The North Carolina teen has won several competitions already, and is now gunning for competitive gaming.

Dream big, little man. With any luck, you'll be a testament to the fact that someday, gamers everywhere will be able to legitimize their hobby in ways that don't involve quoting Fred Savage. Remember how your parents said you were wasting your time playing with a plastic guitar? You show them.

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