Del Toro, Snyder and Verbinski interested in Heavy Metal

reported back in MarchHeavy Metal

But in an interview with rgbFILTER, Eastman spoke up about plans for the project, and it looks like it's being made by Blur Studios. Earlier this year they collaborated with Fincher and Brad Pitt on an advertisement for Softbank, which bodes well. Eastman also revealed that Paramount, who it had initially been developing the film for, has dropped the project likely due to disputes with Fincher over the final cut of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

"We originally signed a deal with Paramount to develop it in January this year...we developed it for Paramount for about four months and we finished all the basic developments and it was time for them to make a decision," Eastman said. "They were at odds with Fincher about one of his other projects, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, they wanted him to reduce the running time and blah blah blah. They said until you step up to what we want with Benjamin, we're not going to greenlight any of your other movies. David said fine, fuck you, I'm going to set up Heavy Metal with someone else, so we jumped over to Sony and we set it up there.  So we're pulling together our other issues and we'll be in production this fall."

Eastmen also revealed a tentative release date of August 2010 and, best yet, that Guillermo del Toro, Zach Snyder and Gore Verbinski have expressed interest in directing some of the feature's shorts. All three are pretty spot-on choices for the project, so with any luck we'll be hearing about their commitment and word about the rest of the shorts very soon.

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