New Buffy video game coming out in MMORPG form


No gameplay was shown, but since the genre doesn't differentiate itself that much, it's safe to say you kill stuff to collect doodads for people too lazy to do so themselves. More interesting, though, is the project's aim to straddle the line between casual flash game and hardcore RPG. The game offers two modes, one in traditional 3D and one in 2D flash. How these interact together is unknown.

This does pose bad news for a previously announced Firefly-based game originally slated for launch in 2008. Despite the fact that this premise probably makes more sense, Multiverse is likely trying to avoid the same financial flop that happened with Serenity. The Buffy game is entering beta later this year, which likely means a full release early 2009. 

Thanks to Newsarama for the tip!

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