TV Detail: Fringe review. Episode 2—The Same Old Story

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Creator J.J. Abrams seems just as careless with other plot contrivances. The serial murderer in "The Same Old Story" is killing prostitutes daily for the pituitary glands he needs to stop from aging. But when one of his extractions is interrupted for a mere five minutes, he immediately grows old and dies. I guess he was planning on removing the girl's pituitary glands and adapting it for his own purposes really fast. It’s these shortcuts that so far has kept an otherwise absorbing set-up with intriguing characters from becoming an Abrams-worthy hit. In a show that stretches the limits of science, I don’t want to have to turn off my brain.

So why will I watch again next week? Because I’d rather have a show err on the side of unbelievable than unremarkable, and I’m interested to see if Abrams has any more tricks up his sleeve. But right now it’s feeling less Lost-meets-The X-Files and more Eureka without the winking humor.

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