Mitch Hurwitz working on Absolutely Fabulous remake

October 10, 2008  |  9:50am
The Arrested Development movie might be in limbo right now, but series creator Mitch Hurwitz will be putting his talents to good use with a planned remake of the cult classic Britcom Absolutely Fabulous.

Aside from transplanting the setting from London to L.A., the show promises to be a fairly faithful remake. The basic plot is unchanged: Eddy and Patsy will flit around the city and attempt to escape the doldrums of middle age through haute couture, Stolichnaya, and plenty of drugs.

Hurwitz was tapped by Fox to produce, along with Eric and Kim Tannenbaum. SNL alum Chrisitine Zander will be handling scriptwriting, and the project will be overseen by original series creator Jennifer Saunders.

It's not the first time that an American remake of the show was attempted; Roseanne Barr was in talks to do an AbFab reimagining more than a decade ago. There's no word when the series will begin production, so for now, mix yourself a Bolly Stolly and raise a toast to toxic co-dependency.

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