The Smiths deny Coachella 2009 reunion rumors

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This year was looking to be no different. A British newspaper reported that sources close to The Smiths said the band "could play Coachella for a ludicrous amount of money."

But now news comes that Marr's manager calls the rumor "rubbish" and that there will be no hatchet-burying next summer. Morrissey has claimed before that the band even turned down an offer of £40 million to play back in 2006.    

It would have been the first time the band had played together since Johnny Marr announced he was leaving in 1987, two months before Strangeways, Here We Come was released. That Marr, who has been playing with Modest Mouse, and Morrissey, whose solo career has continued to thrive in recent years, will not be sharing a stage soon is somewhat unsurprising, as the band's split was notoriously messy. So was the production of an upcoming Smiths Greatest Hits release, due in November via Rhino.

With The Smiths out, the question remains: what back-room magic deals will the Coachella organizers make for next year's festival?

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