Rhino releases double-disc sets of New Order's '80s albums

New Order may have broken up as recently as 2007, but the band's legacy had already been long in the making. Rhino certainly was aware of this, making it an easy decision for whichever executive hit the green button on the double-disc reissue set that was released today.

The package includes all five of the band's '80s releases—that's Movement, Power, Corruption & Lies, Low-Life, Brotherhood and Technique for anyone who thought maybe 1993's Republic was close enough. Adding to the New Order fan bonanza are bonus discs for each album with remixes, extended takes, limited release tracks and b-sides and liner notes that include interviews with each band member.

Full track listing:


1. “Dreams Never End”
2. “Truth”
3. “Senses”
4. “Chosen Time”
5. “I.C.B”
6. “The Him”
7. “Doubts Even Here”
8. “Denial”

Movement Bonus Disc

1. “Ceremony”
2. “Temptation”
3. “In A Lonely Place”
4. “Everything’s Gone Green”
5. “Procession”
6. “Mesh”
7. “Hurt”
8. “Cries And Whispers”
9. “Ceremony” (Alt. Version)
10. “Temptation”

Power, Corruption & Lies

1. “Age Of Consent”
2. “We All Stand”
3. “The Village”
4. “5 8 6”
5. “Your Silent Face”
6. “Ultraviolence”
7. “Ecstasy”
8. “Leave Me Alone”

Power, Corruption & Lies Bonus Disc

1. “Blue Monday”
2. “The Beach”
3. “Confusion”
4. “Thieves Like Us”
5. “Lonesome Tonight”
6. “Murder”
7. “Thieves Like Us” (Instrumental)
8. “Confusion” (Alt Version)


1. “Love Vigilantes”
2. “The Perfect Kiss”
3. “This Time of Night”
4. “Sunrise”
5. “Elegia”
6. “Sooner Than You Think”
7. “Sub-culture”
8. “Face Up”

Low-Life Bonus Disc

1. “The Perfect Kiss”
2. “Subculture”
3. “Shellshock” (John Robie Remix)
4. “State Of The Nation”
5. “Elegia”
6. “Let’s Go”
7. “Salvation Theme”
8. “Dub Vulture”


1. “Paradise”
2. “Weirdo”
3. “As It Is When It Was”
4. “Broken Promise”
5. “Way Of Life”
6. “Bizarre Love Triangle”
7. “All Day Long”
8. “Angel Dust”
9. “Every Little Counts”
10. “State Of The Nation”

Brotherhood Bonus Disc

1. “Bizarre Love Triangle”
2. “1963”
3. “True Faith” (Shep Pettibone Remix)
4. “Touched By The Hand Of God”
5. “Blue Monday '88”
6. “Evil Dust “ 7. “True Faith - True Dub”
8. “Beach Buggy”


1. “Fine Time”
2. “All The Way”
3. “Love Less”
4. “Round & Round”
5. “Guilty Partner”
6. “Run”
7. “Mr. Disco”
8. “Vanishing Point”
9. “Dream Attack”

Technique Bonus Disc

1. “Don't Do It”
2. “Fine Line”
3. “Round And Round”
4. “Best & Marsh”
5. “Run (II)”
6. “MTO”
7. “Fine Time” (Silk Mix)
8. “Vanishing Point” (Instrumental)
9. “World In Motion” (Cabinieri Mix)

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