Kids in the Hall reuniting for new series

embarked on their first large-scale tour in six years.

Dave Foley spoke about the series after presenting a Gemini award last Friday and said that the show would be a narrative comedy telling a story in eight episodes. It's tentatively titled Death Comes to Town, described by Kevin McDonald as "a comedy version of Roots."  Despite the narrative, it will definitely still be identifiably a Kids in the Hall work, with all five members writing and playing multiple characters.

Director of programming at CBC confirmed the series is in its early stage of production, saying, "This came out of the reunion tour. We approached them and suggested a new series." She also said it is unlikely to air before 2010, but we don't care how long it takes.  More Kids in the Hall is always worth the wait. Now if only we could convince David Cross and Bob Odenkirk to tour together...

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