Luke Temple gives new project Here We Go Magic a go

he confessed to Paste

This much is clear, though: Temple recorded the nine tracks of Here We Go Magic's self-titled debut in his own bedroom, just as he did 2007's Snowbeast. But this time, he'll be joined on the road by bassist Baptiste Ibar and drummer Peter Hale to accomplish the layered musical intricacies whipped up during his solo recording process. Western Vinyl will release the record on Feb. 24 (some tracks are streaming on the band's MySpace now) and there are some live dates on the way.

Here We Go Magic's tracklist:

1. Only Pieces?
2. Fangala?
3. Ahab?
4. Tunnelvision?
5. Ghost List
?6. I Just Want To See You Underwater?
7. Babyohbabyijustcantstanditanymore?
8. Nat's Alien?
9. Everything's Big

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