Sin City 2 works out its snags; April start date planned

Frank MillerSin City 2The Spirit

But Miller now says the movie is written and in the prep stage, and that he hopes Robert Rodriguez will return with him in the same partnership capacity as the first film. Rosario Dawson shared Miller’s optimism with a confirmation that she will reprise her role and that an April start date is the goal. /Film has more details about the movie’s creative direction.

For good measure, we may as well mention that Mickey Rourke says the project is a no-go, though we are now pretty sure the dude is totally out of his mind. As quoted by Cinema Blend from his press rounds for The Wrestler, Rourke said of the Sin City follow-up, “I’m not interested in that right now. It’s not a reality right now.” Also: “It’s pissing in the wind.” All right, Mickey, if you say so... 

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