Asthmatic Kitty offers up Sufjan Stevens, holiday fun

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This record was supposed to have been the first in Asthmatic Kitty's critic-based pricing future. Unfortunately, the scheme petered out after round 1. The critics apparently thought it was a "bad idea":

"Perhaps the greatest lesson learned here is that irony and html make strange bedfellows." 

But critics-name-the-price was not the only gimmick AK came up with this month. Sufjan Stevens is featured on in a number of Yuletide-themed activities. Fans can download free ringtones, play a game based on one of Stevens' songs, decorate and send "Happy Holidays from Sufjan" e-cards, and more.

The festivities are in support of Stevens' winter 2008 album, Songs for Christmas, which is, incidentally, one of the six activity pages includes a free stream of the entire collection. You can buy the five-disc set through Asthmatic Kitty for $19 + S/H.

Let's hope that this x-mas gimmick is more successful than early December's publicity stunt. Click here to dress Sufjan Stevens up like Santa Claus.

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