Barack Obama guest-stars in Spider-Man issue #389

Tomorrow (Jan. 14), for the low price of $3.99, you can watch President-elect Barack Obama get inaugurated, be pursued by an evil doppleganger and exchange his signature fist-bump with Spider-Man. No, this isn't reality television; it's Marvel Comics Issue #389, featuring a storyline and cover dedicated to the future president.

Marvel Comics editor-in-chief, Joe Quesada, said he wanted to give the president-elect a "shout-out back" for Obama's references to Spider-Man on the campaign trail. Obama repeatedly mentioned Spider-Man at children-oriented events, and, in an Entertainment Weekly pop-culture survey, Obama picked Spider-Man and Batman as his favorite superheroes because of their "inner turmoil," while McCain chose only Batman.

"The Commander in Chief is actually a nerd in chief," Quesada said.

In Obama's pixel-and-thought-bubble-laden debut, Peter Parker begins to suspect something is wrong while taking photos on Inauguration Day. He spots two Obamas: one wearing a striped tie, one wearing a solid red tie. Spidey must decipher between the true Obama and the doppleganger, so he does what any superhero would do and challenges them to a game of basketball. 

When Spider-Man saves America from the evil impostor, Obama rewards him with a fist-bump. Vice President-elect Joe Biden does not play a significant part in the story, because, according to Spider-Man, he "is still mad I confused him with the Vulture on that train one time."

The president-elect is not the first commander-in-chief to appear in a comic book, but most have had walk-in roles. Superheroes fought Hitler under Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy appeared on the cover of Action Comics #309 when he helped protect Clark Kent's secret identity. 

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