Grohl, Ledger, Vedder, Norah Jones pay tribute to Drake

January 21, 2009  |  12:35pm
Even 35 years after the death of Nick Drake, the gentle-voiced cult figure is still soothing tortured souls with his introspective folk music. The English-born musician, who died at the age of 26 of a prescription drug overdose, has inspired a generation of artists, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that a tribute album is in the works.

Dave Grohl, Jack Johnson, Eddie Vedder and Norah Jones are a few of the artists who will pay tribute to Drake. The album will be released on Johnson's Brushfire Records and will include  the controversial video the late Heath Ledger made for Drake's "Black Eyed Dog," in which he drowns himself in a bathtub. Footage of the recording process will also be included on the DVD.

No word on the release date yet, but check back for more information.

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