The Lonely Island: Incredibad

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The Lonely Island: <em>Incredibad</em>
Andy Samberg and his crew's debut offers surprising replay valueThe surprise for anyone listening to The Lonely Island's Incredibad won't be how funny the songs are—that's been a forgone conclusion since they announced tracks would be culled from their Digital Shorts on SNL. No, the surprise is how good the music is, how pitch-perfect the style parodies and production for them are, how much this isn't just a collection of random tracks with a few intermittent laughs. It's a real album, and just because rappers and r&b artists don't normally sing about jizzing in their pants or being impregnated by aliens doesn't make Incredibad's music any less impressive. There's a real sense of craft and care put into the entire work, to the point where you could put a track like "I'm on a Boat" on at a party and people would dance, even while T-Pain claims he just fucked a mermaid.