Posthumous J Dilla album on the way

Jay Stay Paid

J$P is a 25-track LP of unreleased beats and lyrics pulled from Dilla's archives. Dilla's mother Maureen Yancy, also known as Ma Dukes, is helming the production booth (!) for J$P, and ace MC Pete Rock is on mix duty. The album is formatted like a radio show directed by Rock, with the requisite chatter and skits. MF DOOM (whoops, just DOOM,) M.O.P., and Black Thought will provide guest vocals on some tracks.

"It wasn't rushed and it wasn't haphazard," says Ma Dukes in a statemtn. "This album combines what he did in the beginning of his career, what he did in some of our early hospital stays, which was very deep, and some stuff pulled from old floppy disks and DATs. It's mind blowing... this is like the missing links to Dilla's legacy."

Jay Stay Paid drops June 2 on Nature Sounds.

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