Prince to play Jay Leno three nights in a row

March 16, 2009  |  2:13pm
First, it was Conan O'Brien who devoted piles of airtime to bands like the White Stripes, The Strokes and U2. Then just last week, David Letterman invited U2 to play five nights in a row. Now, Jay Leno, the final third of the Late Night Host Triumvirate, is getting in on the action.

To promote his three upcoming albums, including one where his new protege, Bria Valente, takes vocals, Prince will appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno three nights in a row, from March 25-27. (He is also performing Leno's farewell show May 28.) The albums will then drop March 29 exclusively at Target as a three-disc package for the incredible price of $11.98. That's right: a mere $4 per album.

Prince will perform Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and then the albums will be available Sunday, which'll give him a two-day head start on that week's releases sales-wise.

As previously reported, the three albums will all be very different from one another. Lotus Flow3r is more rock guitar-driven, while MPLSound is a funkier venture. The third record, Elixir, is not really a "Prince" album, but rather one where the aforementioned Valente takes the lead.

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