Todd Snider to save economy with The Excitement Plan

March 12, 2009  |  12:21pm
Leave it to Todd Snider to come up with a solution to our economic crisis. After all, who needs Congress or those old dudes from the Federal Reserve System when you've got a folk singer hippie type to solve the problem?

Don't worry, Snider has a plan: He intends to calm the United States' worst economic crisis in history with his upcoming album, The Excitement Plan. In his own words:

"I know right now that times are hard for all of us and that new songs from a folk singer are not at the top of so many grocery lists but these 12 songs are different. These 12 songs can be part of your solution. Just give them a chance. Take them in. Use 'em to help you appreciate your girl if you still got one, and/or your job if you still got one. Trust them, trust me and I promise you as God as my witness sometime here in the next 60 to 90 days we will be layin' 'em in the sweet peas."

Quite a promise. Apparently we have to wait until June 9 when the album is released on Yep Roc to see if he delivers.

The Excitement Plan tracklisting:

1. Slim Chance
2. Greencastle Blues
3. America's Favorite Pastime
4. Doll Face
5. Bring 'em Home
6. Corpus Christi Bay (by Robert Earl Keen)
7. The Last laugh
8. Unorganized Crime
9. Barefoot Champagne
10. Don't Tempt Me (featuring Loretta Lynn)
11. Money, Compliments, Publicity 
12. Good Fortune

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