Demetri Martin Cast With Pitt in Soderbergh's Moneyball

After his inexplicable-if-fairly-charming “trailer” for Ang Lee’s Taking Woodstock, Demetri Martin’s profile has continued to rise beyond a cult base and into the Hollywood mainstream. He reportedly has projects in development with several studios, and now he can add a confirmed role alongside Brad Pitt in Steven Soderbergh’s Moneyball, an adaptation of the baseball book by Michael M. Lewis.

The book chronicles the innovative use of statistics to help elevate the Oakland Athletics baseball team to a competitive position with others that have far more money to burn. Martin will play an Ivy Leaguer who turns down a traditional future to take a chance on the team, a biography that’s not entirely unlike his own. 

The movie, set up for director Soderbergh, will shoot this summer. And in case you missed that Woodstock trailer, here it is:

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