David Lynch directs new Moby music video

Wait for Me

The video itself hearkens back to Lynch's early short films, which often incorporated animation unlike his features. It's also noteworthy for being rather emotional and almost moving, despite also seemingly having been made in Microsoft Paint. Maybe Lynch hasn't found out about Photoshop yet?

This unlikely collaboration, though not too unlikely given Lynch's eclectic musical taste, actually came about because Moby's album was inspired by a lecture Lynch gave. "David was talking about creativity, and to paraphrase, about how creativity in and of itself, and without market pressures, is fine," said Moby in a statement about the video. "It seems that too often creative output is judged by how well it accommodates the marketplace, how much market share it commands and how much money it generates." Too bad he wasn't around for one of Lynch's talks on meditation, because who knows what he would've turned out then.

Of course, the video for "Shot in the Back of the Head" isn't the first music video Lynch has directed, but it has been quite a while. Whatever he may say about art for art's sake, he's done a fair amount of commercial work in his lifetime, so it's odd that his only previous video was for Chris Isaak's "Wicked Games."  Not the famous version of the video, but an earlier one that's more a typical movie tie-in vehicle for Wild At Heart. Since it's not the best movie tie-in video, or even more than a tad interesting, it's nice to see he's treated this more recent one with a lot more effort.     

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