Reese Witherspoon eyes dead-boyfriend flick for Fox

Reese Witherspoon has never quite fallen into the typical rom-com trappings. Her vehicles aren’t necessarily unconventional, but she usually plays a self-starter whose interest in men can be nominal, at least at first (Legally Blonde, Sweet Home Alabama, Just Like Heaven). If the deal comes through for her proposed new flick Nice, though, she’s poised to take that to another level.

Based on late ’90s novel of the same name, the film would follow a New York magazine editor who is so nice she can’t bear to break up with her boyfriends. Instead, she kills them, one by one. Hollywood enters the story when a veteran hitman discovers her secret and the two enter into a courtship, both poised to kill the other at any time.

The story sounds pretty contrived, but with the right creative team on board, it’s not hard to see the possibility of a hit. Ben Queen, previously best known for the short-lived series Drive, will adapt the book. 

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