Zack Snyder reveals details about 300 follow-up

As early as last year, Frank Miller was being tapped to bring his Spartans back to life, and Zack Snyder was rumored to be coming back to direct the film. However, we were confused as to where the sequel would start, since every six-packed, armor-wearing man in the army died in battle. Now, in a moment of clarity, Snyder has finally given a few details on the potential direction of the new film.

Like he said before, 300 part II will not be a prequel. In an interview with MTV, he alluded to a time period one year later when 10,000 Spartan warriors helped defeat the Persians and the Athenian navy battled against the Persians in Salamis. I guess those "philosophers and boy-lovers," as Leonidas sarcastically said, will finally put their books down and join the war.

Right now, Snyder isn't attached to the movie "sequel," but he is eagerly waiting for Frank Miller to finish his follow-up graphic novel, saying that he would be on board if Frank comes up with something great.

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