Mastodon Mulls Crack the Skye Film Adaptation

Crack the SkyeBillboard reports

Drummer Brann Dailor wouldn't divulge to Billboard any of the "three different directors" Mastodon spoke to about bringing to life the record's ambitious plot, which involves a Tommy-like disabled individual (a paraplegic, in this case) embarking on Ziggy-like astral adventure that lands him inside the body of that rascally old mystic, Rasputin.

Costs could keep it grounded, however, as the complicated story hinders on a cosmic trip through a wormhole rather than, say, a commute to Macon. The band is apparently realistic about this, Dailor saying, "[W]e're in a time period where labels are doing significantly less, moneywise, or trying to cut back, and making movies isn't exactly cutting corners." He also said they "don't want to half-ass it," so embracing camp and/or claymation is out.

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