Actress Who Turned Down $5M for Script Gets Happy Ending

Madeleine Stowe

The actress, fairly well known for roles in movies like The Last of the Mohicans and 12 Monkeys, co-wrote her first script, the period thriller Unbound Captives, and began to shop it around to studios in 2003. According to Variety, she was first offered $3 million and later $5 million, a sum even top writers in Hollywood can't always command (the studio saw it was a potential project for Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott).

She promptly turned it down—first the $3 million, then the $5 million. She didn’t want her involvement to stop there, a string attached to the studio offer.

She had a co-starring stint in mind, but now, six years later, she’s landed a top-shelf cast to make the movie her directorial debut. Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz will now occupy the star roles in the film, which follows a woman who tries to save her kidnapped children with the help of a frontiersman. Twilight megawatt Robert Pattinson is committed to play one of the kids.

Nice to hear a happy ending, but—$5 million, for finished work? That's rough.

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