Did Wired Editor Chris Anderson Plagiarize Wikipedia for His Upcoming Book?

ever WiredChris AndersonFree: The Future of Radical Priceallegedly

After Virginia Quarterly Review writer Waldo Jaquith got a little highlighter-happy and pointed out large chunks of the book that didn't properly attribute sources, Anderson released an apology, citing production troubles as the cause of the oversight.

"I had the original sources footnoted, but once we lost the footnotes at the 11th hour, I went through the document and redid all the attributions ... In the case of source material without an individual author to credit (as in the case of Wikipedia), [I did] a write-through," he wrote. "Obviously in my rush at the end I missed a few of that last category, which is bad. ... I think what we’ll do is publish those notes after all, online as they should have been to begin with. That way the links are live and we don’t have to wrestle with how to freeze them in time, which is what threw me in the first place."

Hyperion, the publishing company behind Free, supports Anderson's explanation and promises the electronic and future versions of the book will be corrected.

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