Director Stephen Sommers Not Fired Over Disastrous G.I. Joe Screenings

MovielineStephen SommersThe MummyG.I. Joe

The story, based on an anonymous posting on a producer’s message board, was that the early screenings of G.I. Joe were the worst in Paramount’s history, which prompted the studio to remove Sommers and a producer. (The post, naturally, has since been removed.) But a Movieline source says Sommers remains in place and that the issues have been resolved, though others maintain that Sommers was kept on only as a PR gesture while editor Stuart Baird (Vantage Point) comes up with a satisfactory cut of the movie.

Even if the rumors are overblown, though, a little lingering anxiety about just what we’ll see when G.I. Joe opens on Aug. 7 is probably not unjustified. In the torrent of anonymous sources that drove the story throughout the day, one consensus did emerge: Paramount has abandoned hope that the movie will spawn a franchise.

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