Pop Montréal 2009 Lineup to Include Dinosaur Jr., Matt & Kim and Many More

If the hypothetical world of indie rock and pop (no, not that one) over the last decade could be sketched out, common consensus would see connecting lines crisscrossing between New York, Austin, Omaha and Seattle. Amateur geographers though we may be, that's a frustratingly Amero-centric list, especially since it ignores the quebeçois charm of Montréal.

If Arcade Fire and The Stills can be said to have put Montréal on the map, the Pop Montréal International Music Festival has been doing yeomen's work in expanding the scrappy city's musical profile since 2002. And they're at it again: the initial headliners for the 2009 iteration of the festival have just been announced.

Announced acts thus far include Dinosaur Jr. (and Lou Barlow's side project with The Missingmen), Butthole Surfers, Fever Ray, Matt & Kim, Destroyer, Faust and Os Mutantes. Of course, this is just the tip of the proverbial Canadian glacier, since hundreds of artists have yet to be made public.

Brush up your french chops and réservez votre billet d'avion: Pop Montréal runs from Sept. 30-Oct. 4 in the city that bears its name.

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