Winona Ryder Confirms Heathers Sequel

June 5, 2009  |  2:30pm
Before there were Valley Girls and Plastics, there were the Heathers. Now, the demons that haunted the nightmares of many a glasses-wearing, braces-sporting, bullied high school girl are purportedly making a comeback.

Yeah, yeah, we know. Rumors of a Heathers sequel have been flying around the Internet like skateboarding dogs for a year or so. But original Heather-destroyer Winona Ryder has confirmed it. We heard it from Perez who heard it from Us Weekly who heard it from Ryder herself: The estrogen-tinged horror-comedy is back.

This news comes in on the heels of a possible Heathers musical, possibly starring Kristen Bell and Christian Campbell. All in all, it looks like the cult movie is capitalizing on our teenage fears and insecurities to make a multi-pronged attack... er, comeback. 

Christian Slater, who played the archetypal troubled rebellious teen who incites the mass Heathercide at the film's suburban high school, might also be making a comeback. "Christian has agreed to come back as kind of an Obi-Wan character," Ryder told Us Weekly. Dan Waters and Michael Lehman, the writer and director of the original, are teaming up again for the sequel, but remain silent about any details, according to Ryder. 

Just in case you forgot the premise (though who wasn't permanently traumatized by this film?), here's the original trailer:

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