Sufjan Stevens' Film, The BQE, to be Released in October

Two years ago, Sufjan Stevens unveiled a curious project at the Brooklyn Academy of Music: a multimedia homage to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway featuring three film projections, a 35-piece band and some very talented hula-hoopers.

According to Asthmatic Kitty, Stevens put the project on the back burner after beginning to feel "disenfranchised with the magnitude of the universe." Recently, however, the ever-versatile Stevens breathed new life into The BQE, scoring the music, editing the video, expanding the project and setting an October release date. Although Stevens has scored a film before, this will mark his directorial debut.

The BQE will be released Oct. 20 through Asthmatic Kitty, and will be sold as a deluxe package. According to the label, "the double-disc album will include the original film on DVD, the original soundtrack on CD, a 40-page booklet (with photos and liner notes), and a stereoscopic image reel (aka View-Master®), created by illustrator Stephen Halker." 

Asthmatic Kitty will also be releasing a special-edition 180-gram vinyl version, complete with liner notes, photographs and a 40-page comic book about the aforementioned talented hula-hooping troupe. Hooper Heroes, written by Stevens and inked by Halker, tells the adventures of three extra-terrestrial sisters who wield their hula-hooping powers against dark forces, namely the "Messiah of Civic Projects," Captain Moses.