Travis Morrison Announces Retirement, Social Networking Aspirations

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Still, we think it might be a little early to really mourn the loss of Morrison in the entertainment world—these days, celebrity "retirement" is a trend certainly deserving of the air-quotes that often accompany it. Not all that long ago, 50 Cent threatened retirement if Kanye West out-sold him (which Kanye did—though Fiddy didn't follow through). Then rumors swirled about West himself leaving hip-hop—and were quelled by 808s and Heartbreak. Most recently, Trent Reznor had a short-lived Internet hiatus, and frankly, we've lost track of how many artists have embarked on false farewell tours or announced they would distance themselves from the industry.

But if Morrison's announcement is for real, then we really do wish him—and all his new Facebook friends—the very best.

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