Best of What's Next 2009: Bradley Rust Gray & So Yong Kim [Filmmakers]

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Best of What's Next 2009: Bradley Rust Gray & So Yong Kim [Filmmakers]
Hometowns: Kettering, Ohio (Gray); Busan, South Korea (Kim)
Films: Treeless Mountain (Kim), The Exploding Girl (March 2010, Gray)
For Fans of: Ramin Bahrani, Andrew Bujalski, Kelly Reichardt

Directors Bradley Rust Gray and So Yong Kim have staked out a hushed, resolute naturalism in their early features. Married for many years, they each have two films to their credit as directors (the latest being Kim’s Treeless Mountain), but they collaborate on nearly every aspect of their productions. Their unhurried, deliberate movies are arresting experiences.

What’s Next?
Kim is working on a hush-hush new screenplay, while Gray’s The Exploding Girl is tentatively set to open next March. In the meantime, Gray is busy on Jack and Diane, a picture about two teenage girls who fall in love (expressed partially through a monstrous creature, earning it the early tag “the lesbian werewolf movie”). The film will have a special-effects budget and animation, a first for Gray. “It’s going to be gross and scary,” he says.

Watch the trailer for Treeless Mountain.

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