Orenda Fink to Ask the Night in October

Ask the Night

Although she spent the last half-decade starting forest fires with Art in Manila and teaming up with Scalpelist on her O+S project this spring, Ask the Night finds Fink finding her footing as a solo artist. “After the last solo record [2005’s Invisible Ones], I was not exactly sure who I was as a solo artist,” Fink recently told Paste. “So I really turned inward for this one.”

The sparse, acoustic Ask the Night drops Oct. 6 on Saddle Creek.

Ask the Night tracklisting:

1. Why is the Night Sad
2. High Ground
3. Sister
4. That Certain-Something Spring
5. The Garden
6. Wind
7. Alabama
8. The Mural
9. Half-Light
10. The Moon Knows

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