Boris to Release Japanese Heavy Rock Hits 7-Inch Series

September 14, 2009  |  9:30am
One by one, it seems, bands are skipping out on albums in favor of smaller releases, EPs and singles. (Then again, many bands have always done both.) The latest to follow suit is Japan's master of experimental rock Boris.

Over the next three months, the 15-year post-metal veterans will release three different 7" vinyl singles as part of a series called Japanese Heavy Rock Hits. The set can be bought individually, but ordering each release together will snag you a fourth 7" and a Boris t-shirt, thus making you the coolest (read: nerdiest) of all your friends. Obviously a coveted position.

Here's the lineup:

Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol. 1
Side A: “8″
Side B :” Hey Everyone/ねえエヴリワン”

Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol. 2
Side A: “H.M.A. - Heavy Metal Addict”
Side B: “Black Original/黒い点滅”

Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol. 3
Side A: “16:47:52… / 16時47分52..”
Side B:” ..and Hear Nothing/きこえない”

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