Werner Herzog Hosts Cooking Show to Raise Money?

September 11, 2009  |  3:00pm
Even the most serious film scholar can agree: film auteur and self-proclaimed poet Werner Herzog (Grizzly Man, a remake of Nosferatu) is ripe for satire. The larger-than-life director is occasionally shot by snipers in L.A., an occurrence which he deems "insignificant," and "part of the folklore in Los Angeles - nothing really that serious." He has waged "holy war" on television and describes his work as a quest for "ecstatic art."

Frankly, it's amazing people don't spoof the director more often. Swooping in to fill the niche are the creators of "Cooking with Werner" at WernerHerzogEatsTheWorld.com. In it, Werner Herzog hosts a cooking show with special guest filmmaker Jim Jarmusch that culminates in a quest for ecstatically truthful honey made by killer bees, for which he is jailed by a Peruvian junta that mistakes him for Martin Scorcese.

The Herzog-devoted skit is directed by Emmy Award-winning director and screenwriter John Webb and produced through Sandwich Films. Also on the website is another skit entitled "Auto Maintenance with Werner" in which Herzog chases actor Klaus Kinski after Kinski shoots him with an air rifle. But really nothing is better than watching Herzog impersonator Will Maier cook the most pretentious grilled cheese sandwich ever made, on a cooking TV show set with a laugh-track in the background:

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