Jimi Hendrix's Sister Announces "Another Decade of Music" From His Archives

of sorts

In an interview with Gibson Guitars, which is creating a new Hendrix model guitar, Janie, who runs Jimi's legacy foundation, Authentic Hendrix, revealed that, "We probably have another decade of music, including video." A decade! That's six year's longer than Hendrix's actual career—and 39 years after that career abruptly ended.

"Every 12 to 18 months we'll continue to have new releases and...official bootlegs," Hendrix said. "We have an amazing amount of original masters, including a lot of material that hasn't been previously released."

So what has all this music been doing for the last nigh-on 40 years? Laying in wait, basically. Hendrix revealed that the masters of all Authentic Hendrix recordings are kept in temperature-controlled vaults, one of which is in Los Angeles and one in New York.

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