Sondre Lerche: Heartbeat Radio

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Sondre Lerche: <em>Heartbeat Radio</em>
Musical shape-shifter moves toward orchestral popSondre Lerche has proven himself remarkably malleable in his short career, sliding effortlessly from unassuming singer/songwriter pop and classy jazz balladry to elbow-throwing guitar rock and movie scores.Heartbeat Radio

An exercise in overstatement, this is Lerche’s orchestral-pop album, with everything from gorgeously ornate ballads to funky Brazilian-flavored R&B draped in glossy strings and dazzling studio touches. Still, his wispy, McCartney-esque ballads tend to be his best, though he also shares McCartney’s unfortunate tendency to overreach (the showtune flourishes of “Words and Music” are symptomatic of the cutesy theatricality that mars his lesser tracks). Prodigiously talented but frustratingly inconsistent, Lerche gives Heartbeat Radio an unsteady pulse.

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