Fans Push for Superman Returns Director's Cut

November 17, 2009  |  12:00pm

The Man of Steel’s lackluster reboot in 2006 apparently hasn’t turned everyone off of the franchise. Some people can’t get enough of it, such as those behind, a website urging Warner Bros. to release what is spelled out in the URL, a lengthier director’s cut of the film, supposedly the product Bryan Singer would liked to have seen hit theaters.

The re-release would contain unseen footage of Brandon Routh sporting a silver spandex Kal-El costume upon his return to Krypton, as well as more scenes of a young Clark Kent discovering his otherworldly powers during his farm-hopping days. Of course, the DVDs would include Singer’s two cents and commentary from the post-production team. If any of this sounds great to you, you can sign the petition at the website above, and/or check out this wonderfully slapdash trailer:

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