Jonah Hill's 21 Jump Street Movie to Shoot This Year

January 15, 2010  |  12:03pm

21 Jump Street, the late-1980s television show that launched Johnny Depp career, was a crime drama about young-looking cops who went undercover in a high school to catch troubled youth. Jonah Hill is a fan.

“It’s not a parody of the show,” the Superbad star says of his upcoming movie take on the series. Hill is lending his comic flair to the film, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have just signed on to direct the project. Their surprise animated hit earned them a Golden Globe nomination and consideration for the Oscars’ Best Animated Feature Film category this year.

So, how does Hill plan to turn this unwieldy premise into a slick feature film? “It’s a John Hughes movie with Bad Boys style action,” he promises. “I really love the Back to the Future aspect of getting to relive a certain period of your life. But we’re not doing something serious like Miami Vice! It’s a funny movie, [but] with a real story.”

Original star Depp famously resented the series for providing him with teen-idol status, so it comes as a slight surprise to hear of his reported willingness to make a cameo in the film. Hill, in addition to producing and penning part of the script, plans to star in the movie, though he won’t be taking the role of Depp’s character.

Bad Boys style action with a Back to the Future twist and appearances from Hill and Depp? Sounds all right to us. And Hill is confident to boot: “I wouldn’t make it if it wouldn’t be awesome.”

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