Kurt Cobain's Unsent MTV Note Now Up for Auction


Apparently the year 1993 bred some animosity between Kurt Cobain and MTV. Although he never sent the angry note that will soon be going up for auction, some speculate his fury stemmed from MTV’s hype of 1991’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

Those aching to own a piece of previously-unsurfaced MTV-fueled Cobain rage are in luck. Hop on over to Julien’s Auctions and make an offer. Bids start at $500.

The text from the notebook-paper message says:

Dear Empty TV
the entity of all Corporate Gods
We will survive without you easily — — the oldschool is going DOWN FAST
my lifes Dedication is Now to Do Nothing But SLAG something
Kurdt Kobain xxx
professional Rock musician

Of course, there was also this:

Happy bidding!