Weezer Announces "Blinkerton" Tour, New Album


Their ninth studio release, Hurley, just dropped this week, but Rivers Cuomo and company are already hard at work on album number 10.

Cuomo told The AV Club that the album will be sonically different from Hurley. “I was talking to the producer and he was saying, ‘These songs sound totally different from Hurley. That was kind of dark and the new songs sound like you’re 16, riding your bicycle to get a Slurpee,’” he said.

Weezer will also be hitting the road in the coming months. A statement issued by Epitaph Records confirmed that the rumored Blinkerton tour will indeed be happening:

This winter (November/December), Weezer will launch a multi-city U.S. tour, dubbed by fans as the “Blinkerton Tour.” The band will play two shows in each market-on the first night Weezer will play the Blue Album in its entirety, and the second night they will play Pinkerton in its entirety.

Keep an eye out for the new Weezer release in 2011. No word on which Lost character will grace this next cover.