Super Meat Boy Review (Xbox 360)

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<em>Super Meat Boy</em> Review (Xbox 360)

Developer/Publisher: Team Meat
Platforms: Xbox Live Arcade, WiiWare, PC

Bloody perfect

Super Meat Boy is that kid who went to your high school who covered up his savant-like intelligence with class-clown theatrics. A retro 2D platformer in the tradition of NES classics Mega Man, Ghosts & Goblins and Super Mario Bros.—the latter example, of course, a stylistic and acronymic cousin—the game all but defies you to take it seriously. Super Meat Boy casts the player as an anthropomorphic slab of meat, square as a Wendy’s hamburger patty. Meat Boy is determined to rescue his sweetheart Bandage Girl from a dastardly fetus in a jar, or die innumerable times trying. Such thematic silliness provides a brilliant misdirection from what is at its core two grown-ass gamers' attempt to perfect the platformer genre they adored as kids.