Trent Reznor's Rare Pretty Hate Machine Cassette Demo is on eBay


An eBay listing from former Nine Inch Nails drummer Martin Atkins is offering up the Holy Grail of NIN memorabilia. Atkins plans to sell his copy of Trent Reznor’s demo cassette that eventually became NIN’s debut full-length, Pretty Hate Machine—coincidentally hot on the heels of the album’s remastered release.

With a full four days of bidding left, the tape currently sits at $760.

NIN Hotline recently posted streams of two 52-second clips of “Terrible Lie” and “Sin.”

Here’s the breakdown of how Atkins says he plans to spend the money:

- well first, we’re not sure that this is anyone’s business – your choice is to place a bid or not? BUT, before we see more of the comments that the anonominity of the Internet is best at fuelling – whatever is raised here will go in a few different directions –
a) We continue to create FREE educational events across the country and around the world – so a bit will go there
b) I spent a large part of Thanksgiving Day chatting with people who might have been having a shit one and agreed to send all of them packages with cool stuff in to cheer them up. I had such a great time with my two youngest and the whole family in general that I thought I would reach out. At times harrowing and uplifting too – the results have made me commit to doing this each year – maybe at Christmas too. for those of you keeping track – I think right now it’s about 50 packages to put together and post.
c) I’m trying to take students to SXSW in 2011 – this might take $3k.
d) In addition to any other beneficies, 15% of the proceeds will go benefit The Warehouse, an all ages club in Wisconsin.
e) Personal – I’m a father with four kids.