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The Reigning Sound Playing WFMU Fundraising Show

February 19, 2011  |  11:22am
The Reigning Sound Playing WFMU Fundraising Show

WFMU will be hosting a fundraising show tomorrow at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, N.J. From 3-6 p.m. ET. DJ Terre T will be hosting the event, and garage rockers The Reigning Sound will also be playing the fundraising party in hopes of keeping WFMU Freeform radio alive and well.

This annual event continues to allow the listener-supported, non-commercial radio station to operate each year. One of the gems of WFMU’s programming is Terre T’s “The Cherry Blossom Clinic”—a weekly show that has ran for over a decade, featuring in-studio performances by artists including The Strokes and Pere Ubu. “Back in the day if I wanted to hear CAN or Wire or something, I’d have to go track those records down. Now, you just Google it,” Terre T told “But since there’s so much more stuff available it is very difficult to sort through it. Why I think FMU is important is it sort of acts as a filter. Whether it’s old soul, experimental music, world, whatever, you can say ‘Oh, I never heard of this band.’ We’re helping you filter the sea of music out there.”

Suggested donations for the show are only $10, but you should give more because you love rock ‘n’ roll. For more information, check out

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