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#25) Ponderosa: A good ol’ fashioned way to kickstart the first day official SXSW music. Southern rock at its finest.

#25) Ponderosa

24) The Non: Oklahoma showcase offers up this mathy-experimental four piece.

#24) The Non

23) Dominique Young Unique: In a nutshell, Santigold meets MIA.

#23) Dominique Young Unique

22) Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Fairly standard nightcap DJ. He does beat Jonsi in a costume contest.

#22) Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

21) YTCracker: Another nerdcore hip hop act. My lucky day! But seriously, I’m oddly enjoying it for the moment.

#21) YTC Cracker

20) MC Frontalot: Apparently nerdcore is a genre..and this guy is a legend. Rapper wears an oxford shirt and wearable head flashlight.

#20) MC Frontalot

19) Surfer Blood: Currently Florida’s finest guitar rocks at the moment. Plain and simple.

#19) Surfer Blood

18) PS I Love You: Canadian melodic noise rock duo does it for me. Noise, hooks, drone and beats all in ample doses? Count me in.

#18) PS I Love You

17) Mount Kimbie: Dubstep duo playing to a skeptical and tired Pitchfork crowd. Not bad though, not bad at all.

#17) Mount Kimbie

16) (Unnamed St. Act #1): In line at Pitchfork’s show, ‘Rising’ gypsy collective w/ accordion, spoons & cucumbers named Best New Music.

#16) (Unnamed St. Act #1)

15) Esben and the Witch: Haunting UK trio looms like Zola Jesus, lurks like Interpol.

#15) Esben and the Witch

14) Lacuna Incorporated> Loose country broods with the ghosts of Portishead. Questionable mix, lackluster results.

#14) Lacuna Incorporated
Coma by LacunaIncorporated

13) Black Books: Drummer doubles up as lead singer, stirs up a batch of mild mid-tempo rock.

#13) Black Books

12) Lost In The Trees: One of folk-rock’s best live acts today. A majestic and stunning orchestral ensemble.

#12) Lost In The Trees

11) J. Roddy Walston & The Business: Black Crowes-derivative boogie rock w/ keys at the front and center. Nothing new, but who cares?

#11) J. Roddy Walston & The Business

10) Rich Aucoin: Dan Deacon meets Girl Talk. Unreal. Kindergarten parachutes. Bed Intruders. SXSW meet your first 2011 breakout act.

#10) Rich Aucoin

9) Megafauna: Flows like water, roars like lightning. Badass all around.

#9) Megafaun

8) Like Diamonds: Pro: Inspired vocalist dresses like referee, leads synth-guitar sextet out of the rough. Con: lacks stage presence.

#8) Like Diamonds

7) Josh Beech: English trio crooning with soulful side of Kings of Leon, sans the douche personas and pigeon shit.

#7) Josh Beech

6) Hacienda> Vintage rockers sounding almost as cool as they look. Scarves in sandals weather? It doesn’t matter the way they sound.

#6) Hacienda

5) Some Community: vivacious Sao Paulo five-piece bounces around a energetic and talented Molly Ringwald look alike frontwoman.

#5) Some Community

4) Lucy & the Popsonics: Flowery chick punk meets electro power-pop. Bass grooves matched by catchy beats.

#4) Lucy & The Popsonics

3) Las Robertas: Female-fronted lo-fi trio. Noise rock a la Vivian Girls, but with more bass.

#3) Las Robertas

2) Mike Milligan and the Altar Boyz: Fifty-something hometown blues-rockers playing their weekly set at an Austin tourist bar.

#2) Mike Milligan and the Altar Boyz

1) The Martin McDaniel Band: Easygoing country cover trio playing to a crowd of five, maybe six. “Sweet Melissa” and a 6th St. sunset.

#1) Martin McDaniel Band

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