Watch Dum Dum Girls’ “Bedroom Eyes” Video

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Watch Dum Dum Girls’ “Bedroom Eyes” Video

“I was home alone,” said Dee Dee Penny, frontwoman for Dum Dum Girls, on Sub Pop’s website. She was tired from a European tour, lonely and was writing songs.

“Insomnia was taking its toll; I felt absolutely crazy. I looked up poetry on the subject and found a Dante Gabriel Rosetti poem and the song was born from that. I’d finally convinced my dad to give me one of his prescription sleeping pills and it kicked in while I was writing the song and I started hallucinating.”

It sounds like the concept for band’s “Bedroom Eyes” video could have come from this experience. The video has a standard beginning: There are four girls in a white room playing their instruments. But it all gets pretty weird — splashes of color and kaleidoscopic images take over the band’s very black-and-white appearance.

Dum Dum Girls’ new album, Only in Dreams, is out tomorrow on Sub Pop. You can watch the video for “Bedroom Eyes” below.